Personnel procurement for physicians

Physicians procure physicians
Contact your colleagues!
We gladly advise you on

how to find the optimal position/apprenticeship training position 

which fits your individual needs

Since we are both colleagues and members of the association of the leading hospital doctors of Germany we are insiders. We have a lot of information, know chief physicians, hospitals, as well as the backgrounds, and are often familiar with many concomitant circumstances. On the other hand we are acquainted with your needs as applicants for a certain position.

We procure physicians in every stage of the medical training and for any position:

“Bringing together physicians and positions that

wouldn’t get together otherwise.“

We gladly offer individual advice and search for the appropriate place or position like for example an apprenticeship place for young professionals. For not every good apprenticeship training position is the one that suits the individual professional goals, be it the university clinic or a smaller communal hospital – your objectives are decisive when it comes to choosing the position that is not only appropriate, but exactly the right one for you.

Our services for you

(regardless of wether you are an experienced colleague or a young career starter)

  1. We have a conversation with you to get an idea of your individual situation, to give advice, and to find the appropriate position for you.

  2. We search for the optimally matching hospital and talk to the respective future chief physician previous to your job interview.

  3. We arrange a job interview and prepare you for it. We accompany you to the job interview (if desired).

  4. We help you with the formalities if need be, give advice on contract drafting and the procedures that are necessary for your job change. We even take care of you after your employment if you want to achieve a postgraduate training like the specialist registrar or a recognition as a specialist.

  5. Since you are our colleague, our services are free of charge for you.


Being a colleague, you will certainly be treated appropriately according to your status and level of education. Collegial dedication coupled with absolute confidentiality and, if need be, anonymization of your personal data are a matter of course.

Request and contact

Many positions are not publicly advertised. Many a position is just about to develop without being official yet, like for example the establishment of new areas of activity which shall then be filled by a senior physician. Some employers don’t want to advertise their planned new positions for a variety of reasons - and often times these are the especially interesting positions -


if you are interested in a change, simply get in touch with us – maybe we know of an interesting position or “just the thing“ for you.