Personnel procurement for hospitals

VLK Services Inc. procures as an insider

Medical personnel for all levels
in an appropriate way

adequately – effectively – economically

We are familiar with the hospital procedures and know about hospital specific requirements.

As colleagues, we are in touch with physicians, hospitals, and many organizations in the field of health care. We use any available information and find job candidates via direct contact and upon recommendation by colleagues.

We have the necessary expert experience to assess the applicants:

“We don’t need an assessment center,

we just ask our colleagues.“

Starting from the initial contact, our potential applicants are being contacted by physicians only and thus in an adequate way. We suppose that this is crucial for you as an employer!

Our services
  1. Customer advice regarding the vacant position (optional, only if desired) and compilation of a precise profile of the requirements and tasks of the applicants. Regardless whether we are being contacted mainly by the management, the administration or the physicians, it is particularly important to us to ensure both transparency and an agreement between all parties.

  2. Information on the overall quantity of applicants, prompt report, and close-meshed contact

  3. Written presentation of job candidates and confidential report on talks

  4. Personal presentation of the job candidates

  5. Continuous support: If desired, we even take care of your new employee after the engagement, thereby serving both parties. We want both you as an employer and the new employee to be contented, for we are interested in a long-term cooperation. And if there should be a problem, we will engage in finding a solution – even if this means searching for a new applicant.

    The procedures will be fitted according to your needs.
    We will gladly provide you with the terms and details of the course of action upon request.

    Our contact person: Prof. Dr. Gundolf Gubernatis

Special service: procurement of foreign assistant physicians

Besides the procurement of chief and senior physicians, a particular focus of our work lies on the procurement of foreign registrars for German hospitals. Concerning this matter we offer special framework contracts that will only be charged upon specific commissioning for special situations. We gladly provide you with further information and present this program to you in person.

It is important to us to procure qualified assistant physicians who speak German fluently and integrate well into a German team.

Our contact person: Prof. Dr. Gundolf Gubernatis