Personnel procurement for foreign physicians

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We gladly advise you on how to find the best position / apprenticeship place for you. We help you with all the formalities to acquire a work permit in Germany like for example the requirements for the recognition of a temporary medical license.

We are a part of the registered association of the leading hospital doctors of Germany (VLK e.V.), a voluntary affiliation of more than 5.000 chief and senior physicians in Germany. Therefore we are “insiders”, have a lot of information, know chief physicians, hospitals, and the backgrounds, and are often familiar with many concomitant circumstances. On the other hand we are acquainted with your needs as an applicant for a position. A special concern of our association is the optimal postgraduate training of assistant physicians as well as securing a good medical care in every section of our hospitals.

Our services for you
  1. We have a conversation with you to get an idea of your individual situation, to give advice, and to find the appropriate position for you.

  2. We search for the optimally matching hospital and talk to the respective future chief physician previous to your job interview.

  3. We arrange a job interview and prepare you for it. We accompany you to the job interview (if desired).

  4. We give advice on contract drafting and the procedures that are necessary for your job change. We even take care of you after your employment if you want to achieve a postgraduate training like the specialist registrar or a recognition as a specialist.

  5. We gladly help you with the formalities like for example the requirements for the recognition of a temporary medical license in order to be able to work as a physician in Germany.

  6. Since you are our colleague, our services are free of charge for you.

    Our contact person: Prof. Dr. Gundolf Gubernatis